Want to host a game night? Learn the best apps for a virtual game night with friends!

Wondering how to host a virtual game night? Want to have a game night with friends and family that are far away? Curious about the most fun multiplayer games? Well, here are my picks for the best apps for virtual game night, and my rundown of fun multiplayer games! Be sure to check out these online games with apps like Houseparty, Zoom, Google Meet and Skype.

Learn how to use Google Meet and explore some of its best features by watching this video:

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  1. Hey friends! Here are my picks for the best apps to host a virtual game night, plus my picks for best online multiplayer games! What are some of your picks? Let everyone know in the comments below.

  2. You can play almost any game on Steam with friends virtually using the Remote Play Together feature. Only one person has to own the game and the others play for free. I highly recommend:
    Rocket League
    Castle Crashers
    Ultimate Chicken Horse
    Civilization 5 or 6
    Soul Calibur 6
    Horizon Chase Turbo
    Street Fighter 4
    Battle for Wesnoth


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