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When visiting Thailand’s capital, one of the top things to do is visit one of the many night markets in Bangkok. Enjoy plenty of shopping, food, and drinks, the perfect ingredients for a good night out. There are many night markets in Bangkok but today we are at the Bang Bon district at the Ekkachai night market and looking for the best food they have to offer.
Street Food Night Market In BANGKOK Thailand
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  1. Hallo Martin, hast du die dicken Raupen schon probiert, Augen zu, Nicknoi Mau, dann vielleicht. Das Lieblingswort bei den Thais, Frauen Ka und die Männer Krab, für jetzt. Bei dem Angebot und Preisen muss man " Pum pui "werden und natürlich " A-Leu " für schmeckt gut.

  2. A somewhat quieter market Martin but still had a very good choice of food. My favourite was the very first table with the omelette . They looked really good. THANKS Martin. Stay safe

  3. The evening markets are a bit quieter. People are tired, just want to quickly grab something for dinner and go home.
    I love the Thai writing on the signs, it's so beautiful. Wish I could read it. So far, I can only recognize the word "baht". 😀
    14:54 The sweet stuff looks just irresistible to me. I want one of each!
    12:59 Shooo, you pesky Martin!
    14:34 I can only imagine the disaster should I try to do this.
    Thanks for taking me along, Martin! Great camera work, as always. 🙏

  4. อยากกินหอยทอดอ่ะ….กรูเสร็จร้านแรกไปหล่ะ..โดนดักอ่ะ….


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