Discord’s a great tool, but on some lower-end setups, it can cause quite a substantial drop in FPS… Well, there is a simple way to fix that, but it’s not the most obvious thing. Here is a simple, short tutorial showing you how to get around making this work.

Watch the whole Complete Discord Basics Guide Playlist:

0:00 – Introduction
0:23 – User Settings

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  1. When i had discord open fortnite would load things slower etc, and my other games but mainly fortnite. Then when i closed it, the game loaded everything it needed… anyways thanks!

  2. You are a good man being swift but clear and not prolonging their videos to 10+ minutes just to get adds on it. It shows that people like to prolong videos to make money but most of those videos are actually meant to be 1 minute long. Keep up the good work and keep setting a good example on youtube! I subbed


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